Why do we sew?

We all sew for many reasons. Some of us may sew for others, some for ourselves, some out of necessity but we all are sewing because we enjoy how it makes us feel. It is so relaxing to be able to to turn on your machine and hear it hum as it starts up! Whether we are piecing for a quilt or matching pieces for a garment, we all continue through any frustrations we may have because we are anxious to see the finished product. We may end up ripping out a seam or laying the project aside to work on something else but we come back to finish. It’s a feeling of completion and that gives me a wonderful feeling inside.

I have just finished a couple of projects. One I finished the binding (by hand) and presented to a friend for pet sitting. She was very appreciative and I hope she uses it everywhere she can! Another quilt I have recently finished means a great deal to me. For one, it is the first quilt I quilted on my new Handi Quilter Simply Sixteen Long Arm! How exciting to now be able to take a project from start to finish. The quilt is a Pixilated Quilt I found from Robert Kaufman and from Blue Elephant Stitches . I have had my eye on this one for quite awhile and thought now would be the perfect time! I have a co-worker going through a touch time so I thought what a better way to say I am thinking of her than to quilt her this quilt. I am not great with words but I feel like I can express myself better through gifting. So, I chose some bright and bold fabrics that I had in my stash (I am sure you will recognize some of them) and got to work! I love the outcome and I hope she does too!

Now, as I said earlier, this was my first attempt on my long arm! WOW, it was so much fun!! I sewed a basic meander pattern over the whole quilt. I wanted to make sure that when I washed it, it would give the quilt that fluffy feeling like it feels when you first get it out of the drier!! Mission Accomplished and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I hope she enjoys the quilt for years to come and it makes her feel happy, loved, and appreciated when she cuddles up in it!

So, why do we quilt or why do we sew? It makes me feel good and content with the world that I can do something that will makes others happy.

Cheers from the cafe~

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