What to Do?

I have all sorts of projects that I want to complete. Some are large projects and some are small, but they all take time to do. I have been looking through two books lately and can’t decide which book to follow!

Remember the movie, Julie and Julia? It was a comedy filmed in 2009 about the famous Julia Child. I bet her book sales soared after the debut of the movie. “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” is a fabulous cook book and the recipes in it are delicious, at least the ones that I have tried! Anyway, in the movie the fabulous Amy Adams cooked and blogged her way through the entire cookbook. Of course, the movie would flash back to the life and time of Julia Child played by Meryl Streep. It is a wonderful movie and the reason I am wondering what book I should follow! Sewing is like cooking, isn’t it? You first find something you think would look good, look at the ingredients (directions) needed, see if you have everything or go shopping to get supplies, and jump in! The same thing!

So, I have two books that I have been looking at following and are very different books really. One book “Color Mastery: 10 Principles for Creating Stunning Quilts” , I would call a teaching book where you are able to find out about color and how to use it. The other book, “Sew Organized for the Busy Girl” is more of an organizational book and how to make time to sew book.

Each book, in my opinion, contains information that is useful and necessary, but in different ways. We also need to know how we make our eyes move across the quilt we have just put so much of our heart and soul into. I wouldn’t call myself an artist! I know my basic colors but don’t understand a color wheel and what looks good with what. I base my decisions on the colors I like! But that does leave me, when the project is complete, wondering what was I thinking!! Thank goodness we have fantastic fabric designers that understand that about us (and about the color wheel) and put together layer cakes and charm packs of all their fabric line so there is absolutely so guess work on our end.

And then, we all need to understand how to fit our sewing time into our busy lives of family and jobs. How do we make it all work? We go all day and can’t wait get into our sewing room and then something in life derails us and we don’t make it. We have had to bring our work home or at home our work has changed. Either way, we are not in our sewing room when we had planned on being in there and that alone can make us feel like we are not keeping up with our sewing goals.

So, where to start. Which book will I choose to write about, working on the projects as I go? I am not sure as of yet. One thing I do know is that I still need to get my last quilt to the long armer so I can put a check in that box and then complete the pillow I am making from the lovely book from Jen Kingwell “Quilt Lovely:15 Vibrant Projects Using Piecing and Applique”

Here’s to a new week~Cheers!

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