So much is going on!

Where do I begin?  So much has been happening that I really don’t know if I have the words to describe it all.  So, I will start with my renewed energy!  This year I attended an event that changed the way I look at so many things!  I attended a sewing retreat in Charlotte, N.C. hosted by Jennifer Mathis of Sew South .  First off, let me tell you that Jennifer was an awesome hostess!  Everything was wonderful and you could tell that she spent so much time preparing this event.  Next, going to this event by myself, not knowing ANYONE, was so completely out of my comfort zone.  From traveling with my sewing machine (note to self next time make sure the width of my sewing bag carrier will fit down the aisle of the airplane!) to arriving to the airport and meeting people I had only days before texted, sharing a ride to the hotel, and eating dinner with ladies that were soon to become my friends!  There is so much more to this weekend, I can’t begin to write about it.  It’s just something that a person has to accomplish on their own.  It was through that experience that my whole attitude changed!  Not that my attitude was bad before but I needed a new outlook and that is exactly what I got!  So, I came home, renewed and rejuvenated and ready to sew and create!

The first item on my agenda that I wanted to share is the making of a T-shirt quilt.  A friend had asked me if I would be willing to take some of her husband’s old T-shirts and make a T-shirt quilt for him.  Of course, I jumped on the opportunity  because that is what we do and I was pretty excited!!  So off to Craftsy I went and I signed up for a class by Winnie Fleming The Ultimate T-Shirt Quilt .  Sure, I have made a T-shirt quilt before but it was for family.  This quilt was for a friend and I wanted to make sure I was “doing it right”!  So, here it is waiting for the sashings and borders.T-shirt Quilt

And yes, it is laying on a sheet!  A great tip from the class that I had never heard of!  If you lay out your large quilt on a sheet, then you can roll it up, getting it off the floor and keeping the blocks in the exact same order.  Then when you are ready to work on it again, you just unroll it and there you go!  Everything is still in the correct spot.  I LOVE this idea and will use it for other projects because let’s face it, who has left quilt blocks on the floor only to have to walk around them until you can work on them again?  Surely, I am not the only one!  So, for now I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my fabric from We’re Sew Creative to finish it up and I will keep you posted!

I have so much more to sew and create and I am so excited!  That’s what it is all about, right?  Being excited about what you do!  Who knows where or when the excitement will hit you or the new friends you will meet along the road.  But  it’s all good!

Thanks for chatting!  Cheers!


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