Project Complete!

Well, the ruffling project is complete! My daughter and I stayed up past midnight last Saturday to complete the bed ruffle. It turned out pink and perfect. The best part was teaming up with her to make her daughter’s baby bed ruffle! Image

It’s also been fun to see her begin her sewing projects, like making a boppy cover, a basket liner, and pictures for the wall. She’s enjoying her very first sewing machine. It’s been fun to share my passion with her and make sewing memories together!

I’m going to jump topics a bit but have you ever read American Patchwork and Quilting magazine? I’m sure you have, silly question! They had some really good tips in this last month’s magazine (October 2013) that I had to share. Who ever thought of wrapping a large rubber band around your foot pedal so you are not chasing it all around when you’re sewing? Clever isn’t it? Here are a few more that I found very noteworthy:

For small pressing projects, use a pot holder for a small pressing surface.
Use an empty dental floss container to transport bobbins during travel. It has a built in cutter so no worries when going through security checks.
If you’re a coffee drinker (which you know we are here at the cafe!) you can use the coffee filters for stabilizer.

These are just a few of the tips you can find in this magazine. Not to mention all the wonderful patterns and pics of new and upcoming fabrics. Have you ever watched Downton Abbey? Well, Andover Fabrics is introducing a new fabric line in November named Downton Abbey: The Women’s Collection. It is lovely and if you get a minute I have shared it on my facebook page. Can’t wait for the series to begin again. As well as all of this, this magazine has wonderful patterns and October features an article on Tula Pink! Her studio is awesome and would be so much fun to visit!

Well, better run and get to the duties at hand. A little bit of work work, housecleaning and hopefully I will find some time to finish my ruffle project for my soon to be granddaughter.


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