Making a surprise!

How much fun is it to work on something and not tell anyone until that day when they are presented with the gift?  You try and play it cool but you are so very excited to see the response!  Well, that is what this project is all about.  Nothing big, no major sewing deal but I am looking forward to the present being open.  Of course, her mom will be the one I am anxiously awaiting the response.  She will know how much time has gone into the very small project!  Even thought the child will like it and be able to use it, I hope, the mom will appreciate!

I can only show bits and pieces though.  I did use this website Generations Quilt Patterns for my reference and what a great website.  I am not a math whiz so I was anxious to see how I could minimize my block.  For some of you, this may be very easy and probably a “no-brainer” but it takes me forever!  So, I was really glad to find this website. IMG_20150927_152316620_HDR

Here are the pieces.  I need to add some sashing and then add the petals!  I’ll keep you posted on the final product.  Until then Cheers!


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