It’s done!

I finished!  What do you think?  I am going to a birthday party next weekend for my lovely granddaughter who will be turning 2 years old!  I wanted to make something small but memorable for her that she will hopefully use for the next few years as her imagination grows.  I envision many dolls being covered by this doll quilt and my hopes are that it becomes old and tattered! Image

I hope she likes it.  I took a pattern from Moda that I saw a few years ago.  The pattern is called Urban Cowgirl and it is AWESOME!  I first saw it is a quilt shop, while on vacation, and loved the pattern.  I couldn’t wait to make it and as it usually goes, time got in the way.  So, I decided to make it into a doll quilt.  I first made it for my niece and I only used 4 of the 12 inch squares.  I really liked it, but wanted to do something a bit different this time.  I minimized the square and only made 4 inch squares.  Eight petals would have been to much, in my opinion, so I only used 4 petals and I love the way it came out! It’s a great pattern and would look so incredibly cute as a full size!  Maybe next time!

It’s fun to get some ideas and then try and change them to meet your needs!  Again, I’m anxious to give it to her….Surprise!!



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