Finishing projects

Happy Thanksgiving to you!  I hope this finds you rested and ready for the holiday season.  I have been finishing up projects and wanted to share what I have been up to.  Remember the chevron quilt I was working on?  Well, I completed it and it is proudly laying on my granddaughter’s bed as I type!  She is so excited and now has another “blanket” to cuddle up with at night and I hope she finds the satin edging comforting as she grows.

Image 1

And then there were stockings!  I found the pattern that I believe I used many, many years ago at McCalls stocking McCall stockings.  Mine were done as a very novice sewing person and by the looks of them now, they were made in a hurry!  However tattered they are now, they lasted many years and through many Christmas mornings.  They have many happy memories and each year they are still expected to be full to the brim with stocking stuffers.  So, it was not hard to imagine that when the time came for the kids to have their own memories, the stockings were the first thing that were needing recreated.  It was fun to make new ones and see the memories continue.


Sorry the top photo is a bit dark but taking photos with my phone don’t always turn out.  I may need to look into getting a nicer camera for these shots!

I hope your sewing keeps you busy and creative!  I still have lots to complete so until next time.



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