Finished projects feel so good

It took awhile, but I finally got my quilt off to the long armers for some fancy quilting (more on how I need to buy a long arm and learn to do this myself later) and will show it off when I get it back. It turned out lovely and I can’t wait to bind it and gift it. I also finished the pillow blocks I was working on and I love the Liberty fabrics that I chose to make them. These fabrics are fun to work with and very forgiving. I joined the club at Westwood Acres Fabric and loved the first of every month to see what beautiful fabrics I would receive in the mail! Happy mail, most definitely. Here is a picture of the finished project~

These had some inset seams but they turned out fine. Not all are perfect but sometimes perfect is over rated and I’m OK with that.

Now on to my next project! In my last post, I talked about two books that I had on my shelf and that I wanted to pick one and base the posts off of the movie Julie and Julia. However, after reading posts from people who did not appreciate the blogging of the cook book (including the two people the movie was based on), I thought I would use my own interpretation of those books and refer back to them extensively! In the book Color Mastery:10 Principles for Creating Stunning Quilts the author, Maria Peagler, refers to using a color wheel when selecting fabrics for your quilting projects. She says you’ll need your stash of fabrics, a journal, and of course some glue to get started. Picking out colors that go together has always been a challenge as I like everything! In the end, it can make the quilt look busy or bland depending on my choices. They look great but lack the creativity I am wanting to find. I like them, which is fine for the family, but when I want to make gifts I tend to choose layer cakes or groupings of fabrics that were made to go together!

So, I took Maria’s advice, got my supplies, and I made a color wheel. This one was made a while ago and I will need to come up with another one but to get started here is a picture of the first one~

I am anxious to see if having a color journal with various color wheels help me in selecting fabric. But first, I really want to make another color wheel with more modern fabrics. Sounds like a shopping trip to me!


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