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As you can see by the dates, I have not been blogging like I wanted to these past few months.  Something always seems to come up and it doesn’t get done.  Well, I’m back and wanted to share a few things.  You know, life can be funny, as it throws you curve balls but that’s Ok.  As I have said before, it all makes you stronger.  So having said that,  this blog is coming after a new house, sale of the old house, a job change (unexpected), a longer commute to work, and a new granddaughter!  What could be sweeter.  I posted snippets of what I was working on for her and here is the final picture of long overdue Ruffle Quilt.



And I tried something new this time and instead of sewing the label on afterwards, I sewed it into the backing.  What do you think?


I think I like this new way but will have to remember as I tend to go with what I know!!

Next on the blog agenda is talk about Sew South.  Jennifer Mathis of Ellison Lane hosts the retreat in Charlotte, N. Carolina and this is the second year they met.  It seems like so much fun and if you follow Amy Gibson from Stitchery Dickory Dock (whom just returned) you will know why.  I can’t imagine how much fun it would be to be aroundJennifer, Amy and other bloggers, quilters, and just crafty ladies!  This should definitely go on the quilting bucket list of lists!

Weel, it’s back to the sewing room.  As usual, so many projects and a very specific baby quilt for a dear friend is calling to be finished.  I have never worked with all solids before so the stitching is a bit on the “wonky” side and of course solids show it all.  the back looks great with the print!!  Whatever your project have fun and Cheers!



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