About The Cafe

I  love sitting down with friends to stitch or talk over a cup of coffee or tea.  It doesn’t matter where we are just that we are together and it doesn’t matter what we are talking about just that we are enjoying each others company.  The fun thing is that we all have something of interest to share with one another.  Topics can change from fabric to family in a heart beat and that’s why I have called my blog the Stitchery Cafe. If you have something special to share, please do!  So come on in, sit, and stitch awhile with me.

My name is Nancy and I love to sew. I sew mainly quilts, some crafts and want to begin sewing more clothes! I am very visual and love color! I also enjoy reading, running and family! Having said that, I can’t leave a fabric store, book store or sports store without buying something.

My family is very patient and I love them all for that! I have had the sewing machine on the kitchen table, dining room table and finally in the sewing room.  Now the meals can be prepared and I don’t have to move everything  around when it’s time to eat.  Anything you would like to add to the blog, please do as my hopes is that the information on my blog is helpful, enjoyable, and just fun!  I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much I do writing for it.